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Update: Traffic Travis 3.0 download leaked...

Update: Traffic Travis 3.0 download leaked...
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I meant for this to be a suprise, but it 
appears the cat's out of the bag after some 
beta-testers started giving this software away 
like wildfire.

The newest edition of the cutting-edge search 
engine optimization software, Traffic Travis, 
is going to be released to the public on 
within a WEEK.

... And it will cost you NOTHING...

Yup, you heard me right. Traffic Travis 3.0 will 
be available on Thursday the 14th and you can 
make use of all the powerful tools without 
spending a penny.

It has so many wonderfully useful features that 
it'd be a drag to listen to me going on about all 
of them. I'll mention a couple though, then you 
can watch the video tour.

Or if you are in a rush, watch the tour here:

One of the features that I love, is that it will 
do an on-page SEO analysis of your webpages.

It's almost like having an SEO expert look at your 
webpage and tell you what you are doing right, and 
what you are doing wrong. And then give you solutions 
for improving your on-page SEO. Traffic Travis does 
all that.

And no, they didn't forget the off-page stuff, that 
is all in the software too. Along with PPC competition 
analysis (find out what keywords your competition is 
bidding on in Adwords) and a lot more!

Here's the video tour, go check it out: